Pour particuliers


Iron and metals

Whether to get rid of a little bit of metal that clutters you, or to sell us a large amount of metal you have accumulated, our team will be happy to take the time to help you. We are committed to always giving you the right price.
All your metals have value!


You can bring your metals to our facilities yourself.

We will bring you a container if you have a sufficient quantity of metal to be salvaged.

We will pick up your scrap directly at your location with our loader truck.

Bucket of bolts, home appliances, aluminum, catalytic converter, electric wires, christmas light, etc.

Here is the complete list of accepted and rejected materials

vehicles of all kinds

Car, mini-van, SUV, pickup, frame, clunker, bus, heavy truck, heavy plant machinery, ATV … no matter your vehicle, if you do not want it any more, we want it!

Bring it to our facilities.

Use the services of a tugboat (or we will take care of it for you!)

We will pick it up at your location with our loader truck.

Evaluation and purchase of catalytic converters for cars and trucks. Send us a picture for an estimate: acheteur@slmrecuperation.com or by text at 819 582-2341.

Évaluation et achat de catalyseurs d’automobile et de poids-lourds. Envoyez-nous une photo pour estimation: acheteur@slmrecuperation.com ou par texto au 819 582-2341.

Dry materials

Bulky items

Did you know that the material collected during the collections of bulky items of the MRC du Granit is brought to our facilities to be processed? In addition, be aware that you are welcome all year to come dispose of your bulky items at our facilities.*.

*Inquire with your municipality. Many of them have an agreement with us that allows you to get rid of your scraps free of charge.

construction and renovation

Are you redoing your roof? Are you renovating your bathroom? You’re changing the windows of your house? You’re removing your cedar hedge? Bring everything to the same location!


House, shed, hangar, trailer, mobile home … Whether you entrust us with the demolition, whether you are dealing with someone else, or if you only need a container, call us to discuss it. We will offer you the best solution for you!

Refer to the list of accepted and rejected materials.

Here is the complete list of accepted and rejected materials

Scrap merchant/Peddler

Contact our buyer directly at 819 582-2341.