Agriculture, maple sugaring,

and forestry

Iron and metals

Whether to get rid of a little bit of metal that clutters you, or to sell us a large amount of metal you have accumulated, our team will be happy to take the time to help you. We are committed to always giving you the right price.

All your metals have value!


You can bring your metals to our facilities yourself.

We will bring you a container if you have a sufficient quantity of metal to be salvaged.

We will pick up your scrap directly at your location with our loader truck.

Tractor, plowing machinery, fence, silo, chain and conveyer, basin, boiler, skidder …

Here is the complete list of accepted and rejected materials

Agricultural plastic and tubing

We do not just take possession of your agricultural plastics, we make sure they are recycled.

We salvage maple sugaring 5/16 tubing, master line (hand), drop, etc.

Several methods are available to you, call us to discuss them.

Demolition and damages

Collection after damages

Complete demolition service for buildings and silos

Crushing of concrete foundations and slabs

Delivery of animal litter

Transport and delivery by container or walking floor.

Scraps of any kind

Ask for a container for your big cleaning project or for your renovations. Bring your own waste and bulky items to our recovery center. Dirty agricultural plastic, car tire and minivan tire, nonstandard tire ($), tubing, etc.

Here is the complete list of accepted and rejected materials